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GreenWave Reality PowerNode (bar) first impression

Recently my colleague Frank (props to him) discovered this device which could well be a good alternative to the (ever delayed) Qees power strip. We both decided to order one of these devices. It’s a very reasonably priced device (€50,-) for it’s specifications: 6 switchable and measurable sockets Overcurrent (10A fuse) -and surge protection 0.1W […]

Horstmann HRT4-ZW Thermostat – open ends

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a guy who rather stays anonymous, but had some really great additional/detailed information about the HRT4-ZW thermostat. There’s some things I missed out, or did configure along the way while tinkering with this device but forgot to mention. So here’s a post about these “open ends”. […]

Horstmann HRT4-ZW Thermostat

About one month ago I ordered a Horstmann HRT4-ZW thermostat. I came across this z-wave thermostat while I was surfing across the web. As far as I know this is the only EU thermostat available right now. Some of the features I like and I was looking for in a z-wave thermostat: Control the setpoint […]

Opening the Belkin Home Base

Today I received a new gadget, the Belkin Home Base. It’s a wireless and wired network USB hub. After playing around a bit with (works just fine!) I decided to open it.. why? Just because I can :-) Opening this things was a piece of cake, just mind that there is a Torx T7 screw […]

RFM12B prototyping – on a breadboard

I recently wanted to prototype with the RFM12B wireless transceiver from HopeRF. The bad thing is that this transceiver comes in a SMD package/form. So I had to find a solution for this, luckily Steve Evans had a nice suggestion for me.

New router part 2: Linksys WRT320N serial console

Yesterday I posted about my new Linksys router, I had to open it because I flashed a wrong firmware image to it. All it did was flashing a blue led.. but there’s a cure. In this post I will explain how to connect a serial console to your Linksys WRT320N router!

New router: Linksys WRT320N

Last week I bought a new router, I wanted one with gigabit ports and wireless N. So I ended up buying the Linksys WRT320N. After doing a bad flash, I had to open it to find an unbrick method.

Mass creation of HP WSEM WiFi guest accounts using SSH and PowerShell

I was asked to create 365 (1 year) of WiFi (daily) guest access accounts, and export them to CSV. Of course I didn’t want to create them by hand.. this is where PowerShell came in. I used the following PowerShell script to create random WiFi guest accounts: