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Installing Fusion IO driver on VMware ESXi 5 using vSphere Update Manager (VUM)

This blog post will describe how to install the Fusion IO driver on VMware ESXi 5 using the vSphere Update Manager. First things first, grab the latest driver from the VMware website, at the time of writing the driver is available here. Next we need to import the patch file into the vSphere Update Manager, […]

Internal error occured in the vSphere Client when you try to add an existing virtual disk to a VM

Today I got this error when I tried to add an existing virtual disk to a virtual machine: “An internal error occured in the vSphere Client. Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Contact VMware support if necessary.”

Goofed fiber channel cable

Just a ‘fun’ little post today… Today I figured out that one of our HBA’s (Host Bus Adapter) in a VMware ESX host, did no longer have a correct connection to our SAN (Storage Area Network). After some troubleshooting, I figured out why: Guess fiber channel cables don’t like bending :-)

HP Insight Management Agent reports that unused VMware nics are down

When you don’t use certain nics on your VMware hosts, HP Insight Management Agents may report that the nics are down. Which is the natural behavior of these clients. The system management homepage on those hosts looks like this:

Extending Windows 2003 os disk using diskpart and VMware

I use this trick quite often for Windows 2003 machines (this is not needed on Windows 2008 machines, you can use diskpart directly here!) After time the OS disk grows out it’s free space, usually this happens due to Windows updates or logfiles. So, here’s how to extend an OS disk of a Windows 2003 […]

vSphere web access not working – The attempt to acquire a valid session ticket for took longer than expected.

Today I wanted to give someone remote console access using vSphere web access. I granted him virtual machine user access, which should be sufficient. However after installing the component for remote console view. The session failed with the following error:

vSphere snapshot overview script (with e-mail report)

I was looking for a way to e-mail an overview of all exisiting snapshots (on virtual machines) in our virtual environment. VMware provides an excellent powershell cmdlet pack (known as PowerCLI), you can download the latest version (as of today) here: I used PowerCLI to write a script that does the following: Loop through […]

VMware vSphere default pathing policy

I am currently building a new vSphere farm at my company. This also includes the storage part, which can become a load of work: First you have to fix up the physical cabling; next, you have to setup up the zoning; up next you have to present the virtual disks to the VMware hosts. Last […]