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SCCM 2012 OSD variable OSDDiskpartBiosCompatibilityMode not working, causes 0x000000ED BSOD

I ran into this issue with a Windows XP image being applied using SCCM 2012. After the minisetup the machine crashed with the following BSOD (0x000000ED, UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME):

How to trace SCCM’s management pack alerts to concrete SCCM errors

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to relate events generated by the SCCM management pack for SCOM to real SCCM errors. This article helps you to trace down the real SCCM error by using a real world example..

Install a SCCM client within an image/template.

Today I wanted to create an fresh image for Windows 2008 x86 deployment. We work with Microsoft’s SCCM to install Windows updates on server systems. I was looking for a way to embed the SCCM client within the base image. Microsoft has some information available on the subject right here: There is not alot […]