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Product review: BugLogic logic analyzer from Robomotic

Last weekend I received a nice little package from the UK. It was the BugLogic logic analyzer from Robomotic. I quickly unpacked it and found this logic analyzer inside:

Getting root on the Belkin Home Base

After we found the TX pin in previous blog post and can have a look at the console messages, we can continue to look for the RX pin. The RX pin is still unknown, but we couldn’t test for it, as serial logins are prohibited on the Home Base. Luckily the Home Base firmware files […]

Finding a serial console on the Belkin Home Base part 2

This blog post continues upon yesterday’s post. In this post we will attempt to find the two missing serial console pins (RX and TX). We will start with the TX (transmit) pin, this one is easy to detect, as most devices log their status during start-up. So, there are some high/low voltage bumps during start-up. […]

Finding a serial console on the Belkin Home Base

Most consumer devices have some way of debugging for the ease of development of the board (JTAG). Most routers, and other network devices have a serial console connection as well. I’m pretty sure this Belkin device also has one, in this blog post I will show you how I locate serial console ports on consumer […]

Opening the Belkin Home Base

Today I received a new gadget, the Belkin Home Base. It’s a wireless and wired network USB hub. After playing around a bit with (works just fine!) I decided to open it.. why? Just because I can :-) Opening this things was a piece of cake, just mind that there is a Torx T7 screw […]

Z-wave and python node discovery, more bitwise trickery

This post continues upon the last blog post, in the last post we looked at some z-wave protocol basics. At the same time we had a look at a bitwise operation (XOR), in this post some more bitwise tricks will be used to do z-wave node discovery. Node discovery is essential to get information about […]

Getting started with z-wave and python

I started playing around with my new z-wave kit. I ordered an Aeon-Labs Z-stick (series 2) and a Duwi dimmer module to start with. Here are some images of both devices:

New router part 2: Linksys WRT320N serial console

Yesterday I posted about my new Linksys router, I had to open it because I flashed a wrong firmware image to it. All it did was flashing a blue led.. but there’s a cure. In this post I will explain how to connect a serial console to your Linksys WRT320N router!

New router: Linksys WRT320N

Last week I bought a new router, I wanted one with gigabit ports and wireless N. So I ended up buying the Linksys WRT320N. After doing a bad flash, I had to open it to find an unbrick method.

Plugwise protocol unleashed part 1: introduction

Introduction In the Plugwise protocol unleashed series, I will describe the plugwise protocol. As far as I have been able to re-engineer it. I did this re-engineering work because there is no Linux/OSX software available to control your plugwise devices. All information in these series are based on the 2.0 firmware version! DISCLAIMER: use of […]