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New receiver: Onkyo TX-NR414

Last weekend I received my new receiver (hah, I’m a word artist!), it is an Onkyo TX-NR414. Here’s a picture of it in all its glory:

Installing HouseAgent on Linux

Following up on yesterday’s post, here are the instructions to install HouseAgent on Linux. I took one of the most popular Linux distribution’s (Ubuntu) for this blog post, but it should be easy to apply this guide for other distributions as well. Step 1: installing HouseAgent prerequisites The first step is to install the HouseAgent […]

HouseAgent: plug-ins

Yesterday’s post introduced HouseAgent. In today’s post we will dive deeper into HouseAgent plug-ins and their architecture. HouseAgent plug-ins can be programmed in any language, but Python is by far the preferred language for plug-ins. The previous post mentioned that a plug-in is a completely isolated component in the HouseAgent network. While this is true […]

Introducing HouseAgent

HouseAgent is a multi platform, open source home automation application. That was the short introduction of something I have been working on for quite some months already. HouseAgent has been running as my own home automation software for some time. I hear you asking, why not use one of the standard software products available? There […]

The power of open source and social coding

A few weeks ago I published the open-zwave Python wrapper. I basically started with a small wrapper suiting my personal needs. After a couple of days I was asked to share the code on Github. Until then I never used Github before. I did not expect anything from that whole social coding thing. But then […]

Bus pirate: reading BMP085 temperature

This post continues upon the last Bus Pirate post. In that post I was able to read a register from a BMP085 pressure chip. In this post I will use the pyBusPirate python library to read the BMP085 temperature value (pyBusPirate allows you to script actions to the bus pirate) Let’s start by reading the […]

From Python module to GUI, software evolution

Having a Python module to control a z-wave network is great, but not really directly useful in practice. I can’t imagine myself switching lamps on and off everyday using a Python script. However, with a nice GUI it will become much more useful. Today I created a GUI around the py-openzwave module, for use within […]

py-openzwave, a python wrapper for open-zwave released!

Today I am releasing py-openzwave, which is a python wrapper around the open-zwave project. The wrapper allows you to control a z-wave network from python. This wrapper is still a work in progress, but the basic skeleton is in place (network scanning, and turning a device on or off). At the same time I am […]

Compiling open-zwave with MinGW

Open-zwave is a great project, it provides a software interface to z-wave networks. Z-wave is a popular home automation protocol. With more and more devices coming I was interested in adding z-wave support to my own home automation software. Being a python fanatic, I wanted to use open-zwave from within python. The first step in […]

Z-wave and python node discovery, more bitwise trickery

This post continues upon the last blog post, in the last post we looked at some z-wave protocol basics. At the same time we had a look at a bitwise operation (XOR), in this post some more bitwise tricks will be used to do z-wave node discovery. Node discovery is essential to get information about […]