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The case of the 340.000 contacts in a user mailbox

One of our users suddenly had this issue, this user had over 340.000 contacts most of them duplicates. As it turns out it was a syncing issue with his mobile phone. Deleting 340.000 contacts using Outlook is a painful task, so I figured out another way to do it. Here are the steps I took: […]

Exchange Custom Attribute editor with GUI, written in Powershell

Microsoft Exchange extends the default Active Directory schema with some additional attributes, also known as custom attributes. These extra free fields are very handy, we use them for example for third party applications,employee identification numbers etc. Recently we migrated to Exchange 2010, nice but the Exchange Management console 2010 is not supported on 32bit versions […]

Monitor an Oracle database with a SCOM OleDB watcher

In this blog post I will explain how to use an System Center Operations Manager OleDB watcher to monitor an Oracle database. This can be useful to monitor a mission critical application on database availability. It’s also a cheap solution to just monitor the connection state of an Oracle database, rather then installing an (expensive) […]

Mass creation of HP WSEM WiFi guest accounts using SSH and PowerShell

I was asked to create 365 (1 year) of WiFi (daily) guest access accounts, and export them to CSV. Of course I didn’t want to create them by hand.. this is where PowerShell came in. I used the following PowerShell script to create random WiFi guest accounts:

The case of the black Windows startup screen

Today I had a nice issue. One of the servers at work suddenly had a “black” Windows startup screen. It looked like this:

Setting up a SCSM (System Center Service Manager) lab environment, based on the RTM version.

Microsoft has released a RTM version SCSM (System Center Service Manager) on MMS (Microsoft Management Summit). A product i’ve been waiting for, for quite a while. I just finished setting up a lab environment, and I’m sharing my experience in this blog post. If you want to know more about service manager, check out this […]

How to trace SCCM’s management pack alerts to concrete SCCM errors

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to relate events generated by the SCCM management pack for SCOM to real SCCM errors. This article helps you to trace down the real SCCM error by using a real world example..

Extending Windows 2003 os disk using diskpart and VMware

I use this trick quite often for Windows 2003 machines (this is not needed on Windows 2008 machines, you can use diskpart directly here!) After time the OS disk grows out it’s free space, usually this happens due to Windows updates or logfiles. So, here’s how to extend an OS disk of a Windows 2003 […]

Trend Micro IMSS management pack for SCOM

I just released my first management pack for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It’s a management pack for Trend Micro’s IMSS. You can download the management pack here:

Change pagefile settings on multiple servers using Powershell

Today I wanted to change the page file settings on some of our servers (about 80), doing that by hand would take ages. That’s why I came up with the following Powershell script, the script does the following: Loop through a list of Windows 2003 servers in our active directory, only Windows 2003 machines were […]