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Programming and debugging an ATtiny85 using USBTinyISP and an USB-BUB

I have been working a bit on hardware again lately, and I am currently playing around with ATtiny micro controllers These tiny little buggers have 8 pins, out of these pins a maximum of 6 I/O pins can be used (you would have to re-purpose the reset pin for 6th I/O pin, which is a […]

Jeenode infrared project part 4: a better home…

Agreed, a breadboard looks nice and “hacky”. But, it doesn’t really fit nicely into my interior :-) It’s time to give the Jeenode infrared sender/receiver a better home! The main ingredients to get this going are: Hot glue (love that stuff) Solder Some wires A Jeelabs carrier board with case A drill A lot of […]

Jeenode infrared project part 3: sending test

In the first and second part of this series I introduced my idea’s about the IR project.I also showed some basic receiving, and even receiving over the air.What was left out, was the sending part. Today I found some time to get a sending setup together.

Green Jeenode

I have just powered my first Jeenode with solar power.This node has been running for 5 days now. The solar panel is one normally used to charge cell phones.It supplies 5v and has a accu pack of 2800mah, this should keep this node running for quite a while…Click on “More” for a image of this […]

Jeenode infrared project part 2: going wireless

In part 1 of this series I blogged about receiving infrared signals using an IR led. This blog post will focus on getting the signals up in the air (and off course receiving them on the other side, in my case my home automation server with a Jeelink attached) The Jeenode’s have a HopeRF wireless […]

Automating/reading sensorbin status using JeeNode/Arduino

I’m currently playing around with Jeenode boards. The JeeNode is a small wireless board with an 8-bit Atmel RISC microprocessor. JeeNodes are compatible with the Arduino platform and can be programmed under Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux using sketches created with the Arduino IDE. As a first test of it’s capabilities, I wanted to […]