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  1. TRiPgod says:

    Good day, Maarten Damen.
    An optware repo for Synology NAS used to be hosted here. A lot of people who wish to install rtorrent require xmlrpc-c v1.11.00-2, NOT xmlrpc-c v1.11.00-3 that is hosted on the official optware repo.
    Do you have the xmlrpc-c v1.11.00-2 package?

  2. Grzegorz says:

    I would like to ask for the same as TRiPgod did.

  3. kjqzwk says:

    yUaALr nnrmrxxkgtmz, [url=]ulorbwatmxxp[/url], [link=]hogafdifmvih[/link],

  4. Zilvinas says:

    Asking for same thing as well – xmlrpc-c v1.11.00-2 package

  5. Kenneth says:

    Been looking for ‘xmlrpc-c v1.11.00-2’ too. Would be happy to host it!

  6. Guillaum says:

    I am happy you provide some easy way to use plugwise under linux environment.

    I think there is a bug, that makes the programm not work in 64bit-architecture :

    On line 68, should be
    return struct.unpack(‘f’, bits[:4])[0]
    Instead of
    return struct.unpack(‘f’, bits)[0]

    because the struct.pack returns a 32-bit-long Long if the architecture is 64bits.

    I am reading your explications to try to make the -w option work.

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