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Monitor an Oracle database with a SCOM OleDB watcher

In this blog post I will explain how to use an System Center Operations Manager OleDB watcher to monitor an Oracle database. This can be useful to monitor a mission critical application on database availability. It’s also a cheap solution to just monitor the connection state of an Oracle database, rather then installing an (expensive) […]

How to trace SCCM’s management pack alerts to concrete SCCM errors

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to relate events generated by the SCCM management pack for SCOM to real SCCM errors. This article helps you to trace down the real SCCM error by using a real world example..

Trend Micro IMSS management pack for SCOM

I just released my first management pack for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It’s a management pack for Trend Micro’s IMSS. You can download the management pack here:

Significant CPU increase after installing McAfee 8.7 (patch 2) on Windows 2008

Last week we deployed the new McAfee 8.7 virusscan software. After the installation we noticed that some servers got slower. Especially our SCOM environment suffered from this increased CPU usage (SCOM being a CPU intensive application itself, didn’t have enough CPU time left to process all agent traffic). This ultimately ended up in not being […]

SCOM alert notification subscription delay sending for x minutes and don’t sent if alert is auto-resolved within that time

In my company we are using SCOM for monitoring our server environment. Off hours we also get notified about critical alerts using a SMS/GSM modem. Using default SCOM functionality we delay the sending of notifications by 5 minutes. This works fine for alerts with a “new” state. However if an alert is closed within the […]