The power of open source and social coding

A few weeks ago I published the open-zwave Python wrapper. I basically started with a small wrapper suiting my personal needs. After a couple of days I was asked to share the code on Github. Until then I never used Github before.

I did not expect anything from that whole social coding thing. But then after a couple of days two guys (Steve Davidson and Drew Perttula) started commiting code (a lot of code!) to the project. Here’s the result of 3 weeks on Github:

52 commits with 5,421 additions and 510 deletions

Really impressive, thanks a lot guys!
Steve even made a really nice curses interface to it, here are some screenshots (click for full view):

This interface available on Github as well.

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  1. […] Open-zwave library initialization can be an extremely time consuming process, especially in large installations or where there are sleeping devices; Startup takes over a minute on my network of 20 or so Z-Wave devices.  Because of this fact, a simple standalone command line application for device control is impractical.  I am currently developing a set of tools for Z-Wave device management.  The first is a web application which will stay resident and will provide a browser-based GUI as well as a full REST implementation; the second is a curses (text-based) GUI which can either work standalone or use the REST interface back-end.  You can see what the curses interface looks like on this post on Maarten Damen’s blog. […]

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