Communication of a start-up (Greengoose), how it does not work

This little blog post is about Greengoose, a new start-up. Greengoose is making sensors which track your real life.
You can for example attach a sensor to your toothbrush, to count how many times you brushed your teeth. Or track the amount of times you drank a bottle of water.
After I got interested in the product I decided to get in touch with Greengoose. I did this for the first time on February 25th. Followed by two e-mails in march: 7 and 15th of march.

Guess what: I didn’t get a reply on either of those e-mails! Now this is not how communication works for a start-up. You need to be in touch with your customers, or at least be polite enough to reply.
Just my two cents.

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One Response to “Communication of a start-up (Greengoose), how it does not work”

  1. Robomotic says:

    you are totally right.As a general rule I always reply to emails.
    There could be some other reasons for instance their product could be still in prototype stage and they could be thinking “is this guy a competitor?”.
    It happened to me as well, I was suspecting email probes from competitors, but at the end of the day you should be fair and do your best.

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