Opening the Belkin Home Base

Today I received a new gadget, the Belkin Home Base. It’s a wireless and wired network USB hub.

After playing around a bit with (works just fine!) I decided to open it.. why? Just because I can :-)
Opening this things was a piece of cake, just mind that there is a Torx T7 screw in the right bottom corner. It’s hidden underneath the information label:

Here are some pictures of the board itself:

Frontside of the Home Base PCB.

Backside of the Home Base PCB.

There are two interesting headers on the board (1×6 pin and 1x2x7 pin), I will play around with them a bit later on (in fact, I already did.. I’ll just save that for a later blog post..):

To be continued..

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2 Responses to “Opening the Belkin Home Base”

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Maarten,
    I bought 2 of those, so I’m really looking forward to the next post, LOL

  2. Gereon says:


    it seems another one fell into the trap on, and bought the Belkin Home Base… from all that I did expect from it, I really do feel dissapointed.

    It promised to be such a neat little gadget:
    *GPL firmware
    *USB over Ethernet… (poorly integrated)
    *A worthy replacement for my NSLUG2….

    But, it failed with every little aspect. And the firmware maintenance… jeez, the very 1st release was also the final.

    I really hope you made some progress/advancements with your project… As I also was about to tear the thing apart, and to see what’s inside.


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