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Jeenode infrared project part 4: a better home…

Agreed, a breadboard looks nice and “hacky”. But, it doesn’t really fit nicely into my interior :-) It’s time to give the Jeenode infrared sender/receiver a better home! The main ingredients to get this going are: Hot glue (love that stuff) Solder Some wires A Jeelabs carrier board with case A drill A lot of […]

The case of the black Windows startup screen

Today I had a nice issue. One of the servers at work suddenly had a “black” Windows startup screen. It looked like this:

Jeenode infrared project part 3: sending test

In the first and second part of this series I introduced my idea’s about the IR project.I also showed some basic receiving, and even receiving over the air.What was left out, was the sending part. Today I found some time to get a sending setup together.

Green Jeenode

I have just powered my first Jeenode with solar power.This node has been running for 5 days now. The solar panel is one normally used to charge cell phones.It supplies 5v and has a accu pack of 2800mah, this should keep this node running for quite a while…Click on “More” for a image of this […]