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Automating/reading sensorbin status using JeeNode/Arduino

I’m currently playing around with Jeenode boards. The JeeNode is a small wireless board with an 8-bit Atmel RISC microprocessor. JeeNodes are compatible with the Arduino platform and can be programmed under Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux using sketches created with the Arduino IDE. As a first test of it’s capabilities, I wanted to […]

vSphere web access not working – The attempt to acquire a valid session ticket for took longer than expected.

Today I wanted to give someone remote console access using vSphere web access. I granted him virtual machine user access, which should be sufficient. However after installing the component for remote console view. The session failed with the following error:

Plugwise protocol unleashed part 1: introduction

Introduction In the Plugwise protocol unleashed series, I will describe the plugwise protocol. As far as I have been able to re-engineer it. I did this re-engineering work because there is no Linux/OSX software available to control your plugwise devices. All information in these series are based on the 2.0 firmware version! DISCLAIMER: use of […]