Plugwise on Linux downloads back online

Because of the huge amount of requests I get for this piece of software I’ve put POL (Plugwise on Linux) back online.
You can find it in the “Downloads” section.

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  1. daniel römer says:

    Hi martin.

    I was using your software POL.

    Do you have an idea how to implement protection against trying to poll a decice that aint active on the network? at the moment it stalls. im using threaded php to take care of it but i want the python to do it instead.

    Do you have an idea what to do?

    this was the only way i found to contact you.

    Br daniel
    daromer at gmail dot com

  2. admin says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry for the late response.
    I will have a look at this tonight, I think it stalls because it get’s no response back from the plugwise stick.


  3. Hans Hübner says:

    Hi Maarten,

    should pol0.2 work with current Plugwise hardware? I tried it with the basic set that I have just bought, but it seems that decoding the watts readout does not work. The numbers printed are bogus:

    heidi 67_> sudo ./ -p /dev/cuaU0 -w 000D6F0000553542
    heidi 68_> sudo ./ -p /dev/cuaU0 -w 000D6F0000729B5C

    I guess that something is wrong with decoding the power readout message, but before diving in too deep, I thought I’d ask if you have an idea or theory what the problem could be.

    With Plugwise Source, things work fine, so it seems that the hardware is okay. Also, I can switch the plugs on and off using, so sending to the plugs work. Plug receiption seems to basically work, too, at least I only see the bogus watts readout when using a valid plug ID, otherwise just hangs.

    Any ideas?


  4. Maarten says:

    It was developed for the first firmware version, it looks like you are using a newer version. Have a look at the plugwise unleashed articles for more info!

  5. Olli says:

    When I try this I just get endless 0000000000C2 back from the stick. The same happens with any command I feed in. Anyone else experiencing problems like this? The kit works ok if I connect it to Windows/Plugwise Source.

  6. Jerry says:

    Hi Maarten,

    I just bought a Plugwise set and found POL working except the Watts displayed are strange numbers.
    With your information (and some more from I was able to write a working Linux stick C++ interface (polling power status and switching). My impressions are that seemingly the Plugwise system works for just about 7m distance plus one wall between devices and that polling shouldn’t be done too often, otherwise the network goes down (here the pairing code from could help, not tested).

    Thank you for your good work!


  7. daniel says:

    Hi Again,

    Jerry does yours work on the newest sticks then?

    Is it possible to get that code? :)

    I would love to extend my network but i dont have time to code something that works with the new firmware and would be more then happy to get hold of such an software!

    Can you please mail me if so? daromer at gmail dot com


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  9. Tests with other wattmeters made me come to the conclusion that changing:
    return self.pulseToWatt(corrected)
    return resultint * 2

    in GetPowerInfo() seems to display correct values with latest firmwares.


  10. Luc says:

    Hello Maarten,

    I am using your scripts “pol” and it works perfectly (also with the fix to get the consumption).
    Also, would you know the command to get the list of device on the network ?

    Thanks for your work,

  11. Rob says:


    Does anyone know or have some instructions or guides on how to get the Plugwise stick setup on Linux.

    I want to use it on Ubuntu and my goal is to write an application on top of the source to control the circles. If anyone could point me in the write direction it would be much appreciated.



  12. Bastiaan says:


    Do you have a manual about installing the POL ?



  13. Robert says:

    Do you have instructions how to install on a synology DS?
    Is it possible to use the iphone with synology and the source



  14. Thomas says:

    Does this software still apply? I’m thinking about getting some plugwise units and I run Linux only. Can someone tell me if these plugs also work with inductive loads?

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