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vSphere snapshot overview script (with e-mail report)

I was looking for a way to e-mail an overview of all exisiting snapshots (on virtual machines) in our virtual environment. VMware provides an excellent powershell cmdlet pack (known as PowerCLI), you can download the latest version (as of today) here: I used PowerCLI to write a script that does the following: Loop through […]

Install a SCCM client within an image/template.

Today I wanted to create an fresh image for Windows 2008 x86 deployment. We work with Microsoft’s SCCM to install Windows updates on server systems. I was looking for a way to embed the SCCM client within the base image. Microsoft has some information available on the subject right here: There is not alot […]

Plugwise on Linux downloads back online

Because of the huge amount of requests I get for this piece of software I’ve put POL (Plugwise on Linux) back online. You can find it in the “Downloads” section.

VMware vSphere default pathing policy

I am currently building a new vSphere farm at my company. This also includes the storage part, which can become a load of work: First you have to fix up the physical cabling; next, you have to setup up the zoning; up next you have to present the virtual disks to the VMware hosts. Last […]